My Thoughts on WWE’s NXT

I sit writing from windows live writer,cool tool to have for bloggers who use windows live. Ok anyway lets talk wrestling. I finally had a chance to chill and watch NXT which debuted Tuesday(the internet is good). What I liked about NXT, this week was that it had more wrestling than talk and I hope it stays that format. The rookies sure have talent,my favorites so far are Otunga and Daniel Bryan, I thought those two made a impact and look to be the favorites to be superstars. I see CM Punk’s Rookie joining the Straight Edge Society at some point in the coming weeks and maybe changing his gimmick a bit.

All in all I loved the premiere and hope it keeps up this good pace and we see more rookies in the coming months. Oh yeah, did I mention its got more than a million viewers on its premiere, not bad for a premiere, lets hope it keeps up those numbers or better., Dead wrestler of the week

I was searching around the net, trying to come up with idea's for a wrestling article and I came across this website call is a sports site and one section is called dead wrestler of the week. Dead wrestler of the week is an a section where the writer talks about wrestlers who have died in the past and talks about what they brought to Wrestling sports entertainment during their careers.

I advise you to take a look and the section is a weekly article, so take a gander.

Link to Section:Dead Wrestler of the week

ECW Last Day of Existence

You don't know how happy I am of this day. Sadly I don't have syfy Channel anymore on my cable network(thanks dish network latino),but WWE has it streaming online the day after so I'll catch it tomorrow. Its not that I don't like ECW,its that I didn't like the idea of bringing it back. In the Past ECW separated itself from the WWE by bringing you better matches and had some of the best superstars to ever get in the squared circle. There's one classic moment I remember and below is the video.

I was actually ten years old watching this and after ECW went off the air I thought it was one of most memorable moments in ECW history.

When ECW was brought back I thought the WWE would keep its old school ECW format,it did, but took on its WWE attitude. I liked the idea of bringing back some old ECW superstars back, but it just didn't feel the same as when watching old school ECW. The New ECW became just a clone of Smackdown with Extreme Rules. All in all I think ECW shouldn't have been brought back, so to commemorate this last day of ECW here's tribute video of the old school ECW video. So good-bye ECW, you will always live in my memories as one of the best wrestling franchises of all time.