My Thoughts on WWE’s NXT

I sit writing from windows live writer,cool tool to have for bloggers who use windows live. Ok anyway lets talk wrestling. I finally had a chance to chill and watch NXT which debuted Tuesday(the internet is good). What I liked about NXT, this week was that it had more wrestling than talk and I hope it stays that format. The rookies sure have talent,my favorites so far are Otunga and Daniel Bryan, I thought those two made a impact and look to be the favorites to be superstars. I see CM Punk’s Rookie joining the Straight Edge Society at some point in the coming weeks and maybe changing his gimmick a bit.

All in all I loved the premiere and hope it keeps up this good pace and we see more rookies in the coming months. Oh yeah, did I mention its got more than a million viewers on its premiere, not bad for a premiere, lets hope it keeps up those numbers or better.


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