Its Hulk-a-mania!!!! No not really,but welcome. Welcome to my Wrestling Blog, Above the ropes. My name is Slice and one of the Owners of a small site Called The Slam List. My friend Renegade and I had a site with the same name 4 or 5 years ago, but it failed miserably. since it was a news site it was hard to maintain, so we shut it down. Our current site is simple with Rosters and soon well be adding some more interesting pages.

Enough of the site lets talk about this blog. This blog is an idea Renegade came up where we talk about various topics since we have different views on things in the Wrestling universe. We wanted to do something unique and do two Blogs. Above the Ropes is my blog and his is Renegade's Thoughts. Even though we both are writing separate articles in our respective blogs, we also have very different views on the professional Wrestling industry. So I hope the reader's who see this will take a gander and enjoy This blog and its discussions.


Wrestlings Renegade said...

yo man if you want i can make a banner for you too if you want

Wrestlings Renegade said...

glad you liked the banner

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